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Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation: Photoshop in a Bottle?

I’ve been wearing Bare Minerals foundation for years and I love it.  But lately I’ve just been in one of  those moods for change. My hair, my makeup, my clothes – something, everything! I wanted something with maybe a little more coverage, something that would show up better in photos – just… something! Spring Cleaning for me, I guess.

In the midst of my urge to change, I saw a Twitter update from Sephora’s Beauty and the Blog about Make Up For Ever’s new HD Foundation – cooincidentally I saw it the same day I went shopping for concealer. Well, after that, my plan was to visit a Sephora to investigate this wonderous claim for myself. I was dubious – makeup the cosmetics company doesn’t digitally retouch? Please. Did I really believe it? No. But I was wishful enough to go to Sephora and drop the 40 bucks to find out. I guess that’s a win for MUFE marketing!

It would be very easy for me to sideline into a semi-rant about Sephora’s customer service here, as that day it was unfortunately farily horrendous, but I’ll refrain.  Suffice it to say I didn’t leave feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  I’ll write about that another time.

Even though I didn’t leave feeling warm and fuzzy, I DID leave with a bottle of the HD Invisible Cover Foundation in shade 117, along with the travel kit containing the elixir, primer, and setting powder.

I’m just going to cut to the chase:  this is the best damn foundation I have ever tried – I absolutely adore it. It went on smooth, blended almost to the point where I couldn’t even tell where I had it on my skin – but at the same time still covered up all the redness from my rosacea. Unlike the Exuviance foundation I tried a short while ago, the MUFE foundation didn’t settle in my pores or cracks, and actually made me look a little bit airbrushed. I went from, “maybe this is a foundation I can wear on the weekends when I go out” to, “I’m going to wear this shit every damn day”.

The deal was sealed when I went to buy a bottle of wine and got carded. At first I was like, “Whaaaa?”, thinking I didn’t hear the guy right, but then he gave me an accusing look and repeated gruffly, “ID, please”.

OK, now I’ll sideline… while I’m not checking the highest “age box” yet, I’m certainly not checking the lowest – and I haven’t been carded in quite some time – maybe I wasn’t using the right foundation.

The guy may have been an ass, but I have him the most brilliant smile (complete with Mac Viva Glam V lipstick) just because he was totally serious about the ID thing (he actually looked a little stunned at first, then smiled back after he looked at my ID).

Then I went home and grabbed the bottle of foundation and kissed it for getting me carded.

OK, now down to the technicalities:
First I applied about two drops of the MUFE HD Elixir to my freshly washed face. The elixir is described as, “an innovative serum that instantly hydrates and adds radiance to the skin”.  Personally, I didn’t notice any added hydration or radiance, but if it’s part of what makes this makeup work, I’ll keep using it.

Next I used the HD Microperfecting Primer in Neutral (I would usually  choose the green to minimize redness, but the neutral color came with the travel kit). This is an interesting primer, as it doesn’t have that smooth, silicone-y feel like the Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer does (and I’m not saying the Smashbox primer is bad, I’m just saying it’s different). The MUFE primer almost felt like an ultra-light lotion.

After that I was ready for the foundation.  2 pumps of foundation and a foundation brush were all I needed for my entire face. As I said earlier, at one point, it was difficult to tell where I had already applied it because it blended perfectly with my skin.  After that, I buffed it in with the Sephora Collection I.T. Natural Foundation Brush, as suggested by the salesperson who helped me at the store.

Last was a light dusting of the HD Microfinish Powder with a fluffy brush. I will say that after about 6 hours of wear I started to feel a little bit shiny.  The foundation itself didn’t wear off, but I was a little less matte than I like to be, so I took another excursion to Sephora to pick up some MUFE Duo Mat Powder Foundation. After couple of puffs with a fluffy brush, the shinies are gone and I looked like I just put on my makeup again.

And although I was initially bristling at the price tag associated with these products (I remember buying Chanel foundation years ago that was a lot less expensive, however buying Photoshop to correct your  imperfections in a photo will cost another 600 bucks or so – I’m just sayin’), I will say that I would spend it again.  And given I’m only using two pumps of the stuff per application, it should last awhile.

So my final impression of Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation?  It’s Photoshop in a bottle, for me anyway.


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One thought on “Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation: Photoshop in a Bottle?

  1. I’ll have to give this a try this out. i have been looking for a new foundation. Great post.check out my blog i’m having a makeup give away if your interested in products from sephora.

    Posted by Hayidan's Intuition | April 20, 2011, 11:03 pm

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