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Consequences of Being Young and Stupid

When I was little, I remember my mother always telling me, “Take care of your skin, before you know it, you’ll have wrinkles!”.  Me, being the “I’m always right”, young whippersnapper  I was, I would roll my eyes with a non-committal, “Whatever, mom.”  Needless to say, I was pretty stupid.

Fast forward many years (Silly Internet, you didn’t think I’d be putting an actual number in here, did you? We’ve only just met – allow me a bit of mystery just a little while longer),  and I find myself perusing the anti-aging products more and more often.

See, as I was exercising my advanced teenage eye-rolling techniques, I was also baking (read: burning) in the sun, washing my face with Dial soap, and forming the opinion that moisturizers were for “old people”.

Wait, I wasn’t stupid, I was an absolute idiot!

I’ve already suffered one consequence of my stupidity. Basal cell carcinoma, otherwise known as skin cancer (or as my dermatologist told me, the kind of skin cancer you’d WANT to have…. really?! – well I guess everything is relative), sitting happily right next to my nose. Anyway, now you’ll be lucky to see me outside without an asbestos suit. OK I’m exaggerating, but you’ll never find me outside without sunscreen. Too bad the damage has already been done, so I’m sure I can look forward to more of them in the years to come.

Lately, I’ve been starting to suffer perhaps another consequence: dark, puffy, wrinkly eyes. In the last two weeks alone, I’ve heard, “You look really tired!” from four different people on four different occasions.  As if that’s not bad enough, I’m finding it hard to apply shadow to my lower lashes without it settling into the cavernous wrinkles and consequently making me look like I’m a little stoned.

It’s not like I needed an excuse to go shop for more products, but I headed out to my local Ulta yesterday to scope out some eye creams and concealers.  I’ve never used either one in my life, so I was completely clueless.

The sales associate at Ulta pried the Benefit Erase Paste out of my hands, telling me even though Erase Paste is an awesome product, my eyes were way too wrinkly and baggy for it to even make a difference.  Well, at least that’s what I heard.  I think she really said something along the lines of, “that will be way too thick for you”.  She was letting me down easy, I get it.  Humor the old wrinkled lady.  It’s alright.  Seriously though, she was extremely helpful and steered me in the direction of Exuviance Hydrating Eye Cream.  At around $35 for the little container, I figured it could have been worse.  I read reviews for a Kinerase eye cream going for somewhere upwards of $70, so I was a little worried about how much I was going to spend.

Of course I can’t launch into a full scale review of this product, having used it exactly three times so far, but I will say it has a nice consistency and no discernible odor or fragrance. I did notice it stung a little bit when I first put it on last night, although not so much this evening.  I realize nothing is going to turn back the clock and slap my eye-rolling-teenaged-self upside the head for not listening to my mother, but I’ll settle for scaling back the “you look tired!” remarks.  Getting a decent amount of sleep would probably help, too.

So the moral of this yet-unfinished story?  None of us want to admit it, but most of us will be perusing the anti-aging section eventually. So kids, stop rolling your eyes and listen to your moms.



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