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OPI Lites to Darks: From Daytime Gleam to Nighttime Glam

One of my impulse purchases at Ulta this past weekend was the OPI Lites to Darks mini pack. I was first drawn to it because at 3.75mL, these tiny bottles are the ultimate in cuteness. Then I started thinking about the 30 or more bottles of nail polish sitting in a drawer at home.  This led to the ultimate conclusion that these little bottles are not only oh-so-cute, they’re practical!

You see, I get bored quickly with nail color.  Most of those 30 bottles of nail color have been used maybe two or three times, then left to sit forgotten in the lonely, dark drawer.  Kind of like those cargo containers full of outdated robots in the movie  I, Robot. Except I don’t think my outdated nail polish will help stage a coup.

Wait, how did a story about nail polish evolve into a story about robots? Right. It’s late and I’m sleep deprived. Allow me to get back on track.

The colors in this mini pack are Sweet Heart, described as “the sweetest, softest pale pink”, Princesses Rule!, “a bright, sparkly pink that’s tiara worthy”, Meet Me on the Star Ferry, a “jewel-toned purple, perfect for the holidays!”, and Lincoln Park After Dark, “where midnight meets purple”.

My gut instinct was to try Lincoln Park After Dark first.  I love wearing dark dark reds and almost-black-purples, so this color is right up my alley.  But I decided to try Princesses Rule! instead. I think I was drawn to the sheer prettiness of it.

My first impression of this color was, “it’s very Barbie-like”.  It makes me want to wrap a pink feather boa around my neck, drape myself in faux diamonds and pearls, put on my mom’s makeup, and sit down to have a tea party with my dolls.

The color is definitely sheer – the photo I took here is after three coats! Fortunately this polish is very fluid, so even if I would have gone for a fourth coat, it wouldn’t have looked heavy on my nails. It went on smoothly, although the hardest part was trying not to knock that tiny little bottle over when my clumsy left hand was doing the painting. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but in the sunlight, this definitely sparkles.    I think it would look even better as a topcoat to a matte baby pink polish.

I think I’ll try the Lincoln Park After Dark next.  And as for the mini-bottles, I think I’m hooked.


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